NYC Street Trees

For this project, I used Python to determine several insights regarding street trees throughout the NYC area. I was able to perform this analysis by using the 2015 NYC Street Tree Census data from NYC Open Data.

nyc open data website <p align="center">Image Source: NYC Open Data website</p>

First, I downloaded the 2015 NYC Street Tree Census csv file from NYC Open Data then I created a python script to identify the status (Alive, Dead, Stump) of trees in each borough. (Optional) I then created another python file to extract the borough name, status, longitude, and latitude columns from the original csv file to another csv file to visualize it in Tableau.

Then, I created another python script to examine the health (Fair, Good, Poor) of trees in each borough and visualized the data.

Lastly, I wrote another python script to determine the most popular tree types per borough and visualized the data.

I used the following module for this project: Pandas (an open-source data analysis and manipulation tool).